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Competent Distance Learning

Degrees that Equip
ACU prepares you for ministry success. Courses prepare learners to serve the Body of Christ in vocations ranging from pastoral leadership and administration to evangelism, and more.

Choose from degrees in Pastoral Studies, Counseling, Youth Ministry, Music Ministry, Evangelism, and Marketplace Ministry.

ACU courses are 90 day self-paced independent study courses. Assignments and tests are completed and submitted via the Internet. Email and Internet contact are available to answer questions, engage in discussion and provide assistance as needed. Each assignment will be evaluated, graded, and returned with feedback.


What to Expect at ACU

AMES Christian University makes it's programs available to learners worldwide. ACU is currently an online only program. We have a ministry headquarters but we do not have a physical campus. ACU's Bible degree education is affordable and you don't have to quit your job to attend. Stay in your present ministry position or employment while you study.

"Expect to be challenged and rewarded"






Flexibility and Choice of Programs

Bible Degrees and Electives
You may earn a Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate degree.

Our undergrad elective courses give you more study options! You do not need to be in a degree program to register for individual courses.

Credit for Pastoral Ministry Experience
We do permit limited credit for life experience. Up to 30% of your total credit may come from your Personal Learning Portfolio if it can be verified..

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR Enrollment Process AND Admissions.


AMES Calling and Purpose

Relevant Christian Education 
As a ministry leadership training program, ACU has a special call to prepare its learners to engage the modern culture with spiritual authority and practical relevance with God's grace, love and power. ACU integrates its programs with the highest educational standards based on God's Word.

The Soul of the Matter: Why We're Here
1). To promote God’s Word (the Bible) as the center of all learning.
2). To leverage the power of the Internet for global education. 
3). To offer the highest-quality education at a reasonable cost.