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Masters Degrees

AMES Christian University Master's degrees are 36 credit-hour programs.

Master of Ministry and Master of Theology Degree Program

The Master of Ministry (M.Min.) and Master of Theology (M.Th.)   are Bible degrees. Each combines an extensive foundation of Bible study with practical applications. It consists of a core of biblical studies and matched with degree concentrations in areas of Christian vocation.

The Masters program is suited to learners who desire to earn a degree by studying the Bible and its applications to life and ministry. You need 120 biblical credits or a biblical bachelors degree to apply. You can earn 87 credits towards a bachelors by enrolling in our low-cost accredited bible college program at www.amesintl.org

Majors include: 

Master of Ministry (M.Min.) in Biblical Teaching and Leadership

Master of Theology (M.Th.) in Practical and Applied Theology