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Experiential Learning


Credit for pastoral ministry Experience

We believe that work and life experience should translate into academic credit if it can be verified. So we do permit limited credit for life experience. Up to 30% of your total credit may come from your Personal Learning Portfolio.

How We Do It
You will work with the AMES Christian staff to develop a portfolio of your significant accomplishments and acquired learning, called your Personal Learning Portfolio. The Personal Learning Portfolio is a review of the comprehensive learning you have acquired during your pastoral ministry.

Once you've developed your Personal Learning Portfolio, you'll associate your work and life learning events and experiences with college and university courses that match your experience. And you'll document that experience with a verifiable resume and narrative of work and life learning.

Although all AMES Christian University learners may apply for Personal Learning Portfolio credit, it is recommended that only learners with significant Pastoral Ministry experience undertake this method of earning credit towards a degree. You will need a minimum 10 years of pastoral ministry experience and you must have extensive documentation. If you feel you may qualify please contact us.